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A new food testing laboratory serving the food and allied industries.

i2 FAST (Food Analysis & Safety Testing) is a new scientifically founded and scientifically led food testing laboratory. Launched in 2019, it provides pesticides, microbiology, contaminants, and nutritional testing for the food and allied industries. 

i2 FAST is the latest business evolution from the i2 Analytical Group. 

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“To create an advanced model for the food testing industry whilst providing a customer focused service.
To become the laboratory of choice for businesses working in demanding markets, whom place value on comprehensive testing, rapid data delivery, and effective communication and partnerships”

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Pesticide Testing Services

i2 FAST offers one of the largest pesticide testing screens in the UK.

Our pesticide reports set a completely new standard in detailing giving clients more information covering: pesticide classification, EU authorisation, toxicity risk using the NESTI (National Estimate of Short Term Intake) calculation for each active found.


Microbiology Testing Services

i2 FAST pioneers accurate and fast microbiology testing analysis so clients are assured of compliance with food safety legislation and internal standards within industry leading timescales.

Our service offers testing for a comprehensive range of pathogens including Salmonella, Listeria and E.coli O157.


Nutrition Testing Services

i2 FAST offers extensive nutritional testing and analysis to ensure clients are compliant and up-to-date with food labelling legislation.

Samples for nutritional testing can be tested raw or as cooked following packaging instructions.

We constantly invest in new technologies to give rapid and cost efficient solutions to clients.

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scientifically built


i2 FAST serves clients out of two laboratories:
Hemel Hempstead, UK and Ruda Slaska, Poland


Hemel Hempstead

Ruda Slaska



Nutritional testing - i2 FAST

Nutritional testing - i2 FAST

Nutritional testing - i2 FAST

Nutritional testing - i2 FAST

Pesticide testing - i2 FAST

Pesticide testing - i2 FAST

Microbiology testing - i2 FAST

Microbiology testing - i2 FAST

Microbiology testing - i2 FAST

Microbiology testing - i2 FAST

Pesticide testing - i2 FAST

Pesticide testing - i2 FAST

Nutritional testing - i2 FAST

Nutritional testing - i2 FAST

Microbiology testing - i2 FAST

Microbiology testing - i2 FAST

Pesticide testing - i2 FAST

Pesticide testing - i2 FAST


smart technologies


Unique custom-developed technologies for the food testing sector

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Unique to i2 FAST, our in-house custom developed data management system offers effective information management and sample tracking. 

Optimised to simplify information storage and exchange.

The intuitive user interface offers exceptionally easy data management.

System training is provided to all clients either remotely or on site.


Client service


We partner with clients and champion open communication. Agile and able to respond swiftly in any crisis, we give intelligent scientifically-grounded advice and an exceptional customer experience.


Our 13 commitments give clients a seamless experience from the
first hello to on-going service meetings.


i2 FAST provides analytical testing programmes and offers specialist advice to clients, with training support. The scientific team has an established reputation for in depth understanding of the food sector.

Senior scientists maintain a notable presence within the food testing industry representing and participating in various working groups, associations, and committees.  Their insights into future industry requirements direct the continuous development of our own programmes.

The scientific team has designed a considered on-boarding process to fit individual client needs.  Clients are given a designated account manager from the start of a multi-stage process assuring a consistent point of contact which makes day-to-day access to i2 FAST easy.

The data management system makes daily data management fluid, and features easy sample registration, data access, and trending.  Any assistance needed for information management or problem solving is provided by an experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly customer services team. 



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Our founders are scientists leading and supporting a laboratory team dedicated to comprehending the i2 FAST vision.

Find out more about them.

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Les Jones

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Dr. Naresh Patel
Commercial Director

Carl Taylor
Customer Services Director

Shane Swann
Operations Director

Martin Lewis
Principal Microbiologist

Agnes Elek
Principal Nutritional Chemist

Chris Richards
Software Architect

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